Youkarma Content Policy

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Unwelcome content

When registering user on the website, we do not ask you to use your real name,  surname, year of birth, face photo, etc. It is best you do not use your real name and/or surname and a profile picture that includes your face. We will not ask for your date of birth. If someone might own the copyright to the information then do not upload or post it. Never post information that promotes or otherwise supports:

  • Cruelty;
  • Horror;
  • Terrorism;
  • Indecency;
  • Advertising;
  • Self-promotion;
  • Hate speech (for any of the following: race, sex, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation etc).

Content is prohibited if it:

  • Is information about drugs, alcohol, drug distribution, promotion, advertising, sales etc;
  • Is information which promotes self-harm, harm to other people or animals;
  • Is sexual or suggestive content involving minors; 
  • Is illegal;

Do not use this site for illegal activities. Under no circumstances you should disclose personal and confidential information such as:

  • phone number;
  • address;
  • real name; 
  • social security number; 
  • personal identification number; 
  • identity card number;
  • pictures of the face of a private person;
  • car registration number;
  • ip addresses; 
  • e-mail address;
  • bank account number;
  • etc.

Do not share file sharing web page addresses such as torrent and so on. Do not impersonate another person. Under no circumstances should you provide misleading or false information as to who is responsible for the activities you post. If the official website which information you are posting does not clearly identify the person who made this deed or act, then under no circumstances should you designate the responsible person or persons. This is a very serious warning to you. Use only official, legal websites whose information you post such as CNN, New York Times, Fox News, NBC News, Washington Post and so on.